Responsible investment

We believe that companies that contribute positively and address societal and environmental challenges will benefit by creating value in the long term.

So, we invest in companies that take sustainability seriously. Not only do we incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities into our investment process, we work with our portfolio companies to help them to grow sustainably and lead by example too.

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On the road to Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology meets various challenges in the realm of ethics, society, environment, human rights and governance.

As responsible investors in tech, we have defined our approach in our Responsible Investing in Technology Charter.

This Charter, drafted in partnership with Sycomore Asset Management, serves as a framework for sustainable investing in tech and covers the three dimensions that should guide any analysis, each with their own set of metrics and guidelines.

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The Responsible Tech Framework

Assessing the level of responsibility in Tech of a company

Are company offerings intended and designed to have a positive impact social and environmental impact?


Do companies use technology in a responsible way to reduce negative externalities on individuals and the environment?


What are companies' intentions and their actual capacities to improve on the two previous dimensions in the near future?

External engagement and transparency

Local impact